Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wearing Tree of Life Jewelry - what does it mean to you?

The 'Tree of Life' has offered meaning for countless people for millennia, dating back to the era of the  Assyrians. Its meaning has been attributed in many different forms to religions of varying faiths, to symbolism, to the theory of evolution, to Family, spiritualism and even paganism.

In today's modern society the wearing of a Tree of Life Necklace or any piece of Tree of Life Jewelry has become even more popular than before but the significance of the early religious connotations to the meaning of the Tree of Life appears to be less prevalent. Is the popularity due to ecological factors like a reference to caring for the planet or is it more swayed towards the ever growing realization in our fast moving society that Family and its roots are considered more important today than in the 20th Century?

Why do you wear your Tree of Life Jewelry? What meaning do you attach to the wearing of your Tree of Life Jewelry?

Please offer your comment below - tell us your story.